An Evening with 500 Queer Scientists
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An Evening with 500 Queer Scientists

Tickets $30 - $45

Tue 21 Feb, 6:00pm | 3 hours

Come along to An Evening with 500 Queer Scientists to hear stories, and join vibrant conversations with inspiring LGBTQIA+ scientists who are out 'in the lab' and to their peers.

Over a glass of wine and nibbles, these events will provoke positive debate and help promote science as an inclusive, forward-thinking, and viable career path for bright young queer minds!

The 500 Queer Scientists initiative launched in June 2018 and highlights the real need for increased visibility of LGBTQIA+ scientists. The issues are complex, but visibility and role models are part of the solution. Following the success of our sold-out events in 2019, 2020, and 2021, we are proud to return in 2023 with not one, but two evenings featuring different panels of LGBTQIA+ scientists as speakers!

Each ticket includes one drink on arrival and light refreshments after the panel discussion.

Associate Professor Alice Motion will be our fabulous host again and the events will coincide with the special Fleurs de Villes: PRIDE floral exhibition at The Calyx in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Each evening we’ll explore a different theme with an inspirational speaker line-up:

Monday 20 February 2023 – Love Your Nature
• Mx Jess O’Brien, Environmental Educator, Botanic Gardens Greater Sydney/Greater Sydney Parklands (they/them)
• Mr Peter Jobson, Information Botanist, Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust (he/him)
• Mx Ryan O’Donnell, PhD Student, Australian National University (they/them)
• Dr Yi-Kai Tea, Chadwick Biodiversity Research Fellow, Australian Museum (he/him)

Tuesday 21 February – Atomic Wonders And Universal Forces
• Prof. Céline Boehm, Professor, University of Sydney (she/her)
• Kerry Chin, Electrical Network Engineer, Sydney Trains (he/him)
• Dr Khay Fong, Lecturer, Discipline of Chemistry, School of Environmental and Life Science, University of Newcastle (she/her)
• Mr Rami Mandow, Radio Astronomer, Macquarie University (he/him)

We look forward to welcoming you to the event! Visit the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney website for more information on the program: