Authors At the Pub
Spoken Word & Storytelling , Literature

Authors At the Pub

Sat 18 Feb, 2:00pm | 3 hours Universal Sydney - BAR

Have we got a story for you!

Come and meet the aliens. Or maybe you’d like to meet the man of your dreams, literally in your dreams? Or perhaps you’ve been forced to go undercover to rescue your nephew from dangerous kidnappers? Or your cat has hacked your Grindr and is helping you date?

Whatever your adventure, join us for ‘Author Readings at the Pub’. Kevin Klehr, Rebecca Langham, Nigel Bartlett, and Christian Baines have tales to share, all in a queer context.

It’s a relaxed afternoon of sitting back, enjoying a drink, and being transported through words.

After all, as our favourite drag queen reminds us, ‘Reading is fundamental’.

This is a FREE, drop-in event!

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Venue : Universal Sydney - BAR
Performance notes
  • Content warnings: Coarse Language, kidnapping
Venue details & accessibility
Universal Sydney - BAR

85-91 Oxford St Darlinghurst
Telephone: (02) 8080 7065

Dates and times

Universal Sydney - BAR

Saturday 18 Feb - 2:00pm

"One doesn’t live forty-six years with another man without thinking about nearly every issue that Klehr’s two protagonists have to face." Review from Ulysses Dietz from the Paranormal Romance Guild of Kevin Klehr’s “The Midnight Man”

"Langham writes an excellent tale about what happens when humans let things go wrong, and then what happens when they try against the odds to finally get them right." The Lesbian Review's K. Aten on Rebecca Langham's "Beneath The Surface"

"...written with the against-the-clock pacing of a good TV thriller." Review in The Australian of Nigel Bartlett's "King Of The Road"

“Puppet Boy digs into Sydney’s dark side, this time by way of a manic throwback to the pansexual stories of Bret Easton Ellis and Gregg Araki.” DNA Magazine review of Christian Baines's 'Puppet Boy'.

  • Organiser and Author – Kevin Klehr
  • 2nd Organiser – Sarah Boase
  • Artist – Glenn Quigley
  • Author – Rebecca Langham
  • Author – Nigel Bartlett
  • Author – Christian Baines
Presented by
  • Rainbow Writers Sydney