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Mon 20 Feb - Sun 5 Mar | 5 hours Working Dog Gallery

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is an exhibition by more than 60 queer and gay photographers hosted by Working Dog Gallery in Sydney to coincide with WorldPride 2023.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! is a project by The Little Black Gallery London to promote queer and gay photography.

It now represents more than 60 photographers from 30 countries including China, India, Iran, Poland, and Russia – where gay rights are repressed and queer lives under constant threat.

BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! now includes exhibitions, books, bi-annual magazine, photography courses, photo competition, and an online art platform.

There have been BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! exhibitions in Amsterdam, Cologne, Dublin, London and Los Angeles.

This will be the first BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! exhibition in Australia hosted by Working Dog Gallery.

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Venue : Working Dog Gallery
Performance notes
  • Australian Premiere
Venue details & accessibility
Working Dog Gallery

89 Chandos Street Sydney
Telephone: 416053665

Dates and times

Working Dog Gallery

Monday 20 Feb - 11:00am

Working Dog Gallery

Sunday 05 Mar - 11:00am
Presented by
  • BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! The Little Black Gallery, London