DCSS: Community & Social Justice in the 21st Century
Workshops & Talks , Food, Immersive & Interactive

DCSS: Community & Social Justice in the 21st Century

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Wed 22 Feb, 2:00pm | 5 hours

Information sharing and networking event for organisations within the Community Justice & Social Services sector focusing on LGBTQIA+ and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous - First National) Communities.

Diverse Communities & Social Services (D.C.S.S.) is the National Leader within the Volunteer Sector of the Community/Social Justice and Social Services Program, working with all 4 State and Territory Governments (V.I.C., N.S.W., Q.L.D, and W.A.) to help vulnerable people who have significant Infringement/State Revenue Debt, which continues to support vulnerable Australians without any Government Funding. However, these services need to exist. Otherwise, vulnerable people may end up in the Criminal Justice System, which could lead to Incarceration/Imprisonment. To learn more information, please visit www.dcssaustralia.org.

Our goal for this event is to bring a 21st-century insight into various issues across the Social Justice and Social Services Sector, with a wide range of Panelists/Specialists within the relevant field, plus interact with various Government and Non-Government Stakeholders.


The event will lead to a Networking/Fundraising Event Evening for all organisations and community sectors. We aim to make an actual power networking session for Introductions and Collaboration Opportunity Discussion.

What event for a Charity would it be without some form of Fundraiser? We will also hold a Tax-Deductible Donations and Fundraiser/Raffles throughout the event.

More details to come soon!

If you are interested in collaborating, learning more, or have any feedback/suggestions, please email us via info@dcssaustralia.org.