Indie-Queers Sydney WorldPride Edition + Up Late w/WillowIck and Bluberrybakla
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Indie-Queers Sydney WorldPride Edition + Up Late w/WillowIck and Bluberrybakla

Wed 1 Mar, 7:00pm | 7 hours Oxford Art Factory

Indie-Queers is here for queer joy, expression, and sweet indie tunes. Followed by Up Late w/ WillowIck & BluberryBakla, an alternative RnB drag nightclub takeover.

The ‘Indie-Queers + Up Late’ event presented as part of Sydney WorldPride Amplified.
**Tickets cover the entire night, both segments of the event

Presenting Indie-Queers, a collection of underground gems of the Sydney music scene with independent musicians, featuring young queer performers and songwriters. Indie pop, rock, and RnB vibes are sure to lift you up and get you moshing for this Sydney WorldPride season.

Followed by Up Late 10:00 pm – 2:00 am
Up Late is an alternative RnB nightclub experience with live drag shows and fresh DJs to keep you moving all night. Hosted by the ethereal WillowIck (@thewillowick) and the flawless BluBerryBakla (@bluberrybakla) will be serving you face, body, and amorous delights. Stick around, groove, and party with us this Sydney WorldPride!

Lineup for the night includes:

A 4-piece indie rock band from Sydney, SL8ERBOY brings some reminiscent 90s alt-rock tunes to your ears. drawing inspiration from nerdy subcultures, romantic mishaps, and geological events.
“SL8ERBOY’s glossy guitar pop carries weight with it, a lush ride on a big wave. Glorious in joy, but heavy on songwriting, this is a dress-up box full of delights.” – The Underground Stage, 2022

Awa Mbaye
The forthright and fun-loving collide in Awa Mbaye, with sense from nonsense Awa dives in vibe-over-matter, ‘cause the world outside is too real at the best of times.
Traveling her own corners of R&B, indie and alt-pop Awa’s sonic direction enthralls and echoes Tkay Maidza, & Remi Wolf.

Safety First
Staring at the mold on an inner west sharehouse ceiling, Safety First are new fan favorite of the Sydney indie scene.
Lead singer Lexi’s relatable observations and innate quirkiness find their natural place among alt-rock guitars as the whole band unites in an all-or-nothing attempt to embrace their own insecurities.

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Venue : Oxford Art Factory
Performance notes
  • Sydney Premiere
  • Content warnings: Haze
  • Things to note: Tickets are for both segments of the event!
Venue details & accessibility
Oxford Art Factory

38/46 Oxford St Darlinghurst
Telephone: 0415 939 787

Dates and times

Oxford Art Factory

Wednesday 01 Mar - 7:00pm
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  • Event Producer – Aaron Hamilton Gold (@fayefemdrag)
  • Up Late Host – BluberryBakla (@bluberrybakla), Willow Ick (@thewillowick)
  • Indie Queer Bands Line Up – Safety First (@safetyfirsttheband), Awa Mbaye (@awambayemusic), SL8ERBOY (@sl8erboy_)
  • 'Up Late' Promo Photographer – Rosie Whatmuff (@rrodeo___)
Presented by
  • Oxford Art Factory