‘Paradise Island’ and paintings by Lee’roy Styrene
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‘Paradise Island’ and paintings by Lee’roy Styrene

Thu 23 - Sun 26 Feb | 4 hours Cope St Gallery

Paradise Island by artist Lee’roy Styrene is a series of paintings with Superhero’s as the central theme. This work is colourful, cheeky, irreverent and demands your attention.

Lee’roy is an appropriation artist and works mainly in acrylic on canvas using mixed media and collage. Lee’roy started painting seriously during the pandemic and Paradise Island is his first show and exclusive to Sydney WorldPride. His aesthetic is largely influenced by fashion, street art and club culture. He places familiar characters in compromising positions, imagining how his childhood hero’s would react to current political and social issues. SuperHero’s represent the very best and worst aspects of human character and it is these contradictions and the explicit nature of the work which grab your attention and make you want to look deeper. This exhibition includes adult content not suitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Venue : Cope St Gallery
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
  • Content warnings: Sexual Themes, Some Nudity
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Cope St Gallery

82 Cope St Waterloo
Telephone: 419424808

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Cope St Gallery

Thursday 23 Feb - 6:00pm

Cope St Gallery

Friday 24 Feb - 12:00pm

Cope St Gallery

Saturday 25 Feb - 12:00pm

Cope St Gallery

Sunday 26 Feb - 12:00pm
  • Creative Director – Paul Hughes
  • Operations Manager – Tu Anh Nguyen
  • Managing Director - Woodburn Creative – Nathan Natkaw
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