Ruby and the Tree of Souls
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Ruby and the Tree of Souls

Tue 21 Feb, 10:00pm | 8 hours ARQ Sydney

A themed dance party, like no other. Set on Pandora. Dance in Willowglade under the Tree of Souls, or at the Lagoon around the waters of Pandora

Its been more than 10 years since our last themed party, called Ruby & The Chamber of Secrets.
At that party, we used the Midnight Shift Club as the entry portal where we transported people to another time, another place. At the end of the party people were transported from our magic place, back to reality: a bus stop in Oxford st.
The following night, try though they might, people desperate to find our magic space, discovered that the entry portal was gone: it became clear that that special place existed for one night only, and would never be seen again.
As a celebration of our community and as part of Pride Amplified, the Ruby Team have decided to do one final themed party called Ruby & the Tree of Souls.
This time the team will use the newly refurbished Arq Sydney nightclub as the entry portal. Step through the door, checkin at the counter; obtain your seat on the shuttle; and settle back and be transported to our fantasy world; a world of make believe; the world of Pandora….
There are two music spaces:
• DJ Dan Murphy manages music at the Lagoon
• DJ Ruby manages music in Willowglad;
On arrival at Pandora there is so much to do:
• meet warriors from different tribes;
• connect with your ancestors under the Tree of Souls;
• immerse yourself in the music at the lagoon;
• admire the mountain banshees as they soar above you;
• the extent is limited only by your imagination.
BUT beware: this is not like any other dance party you have ever been to.
Are you ready?
Are you brave enough to step into our world of magic and fantasy?
If so, join us for the most amazing experience of your life
Ruby and the Tree of Souls

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Venue : ARQ Sydney
Performance notes
  • World Premiere
  • Content warnings: Haze, Strobe Lighting
  • Things to note: Plan to come in costume; an Avatar, a Human, or a Machine
Venue details & accessibility
ARQ Sydney

16 Flinders St Sydney

Dates and times

ARQ Sydney

Tuesday 21 Feb - 10:00pm
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  • Theming – David Twyman & The Ruby Team
  • Lasers (Willowglade) – Lx'ie Diode
  • Lighting (Wiilowglade) – Joey
  • Lighting & Lasers (The Lagoon) – TBA
  • Sound – Damon Hartley
  • DJ (The Lagoon) – DJ Dan Murphy
  • DJs (The Lagoon) – Dan Murphy's Special Guests
  • DJ (Willowglade) – JayBee
  • DJ (Willowglade) – Ruby
  • DJ (Willowglade) – Stephen Simpson
Presented by
  • Ruby Dance