The Flipside of Flamboyance: 1978 and Beyond, Diversity and its Documentation
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The Flipside of Flamboyance: 1978 and Beyond, Diversity and its Documentation

Sun 19 Feb, 3:00pm | 3 hours 30 minutes Red Rattler Theatre - Red Rattler

Flipside of Flamboyance - The 78ers - Insider's story. Ratbag revolutionaries or queer royalty icons? You decide. Bitchy, cranky, old and tainted. Police brutality. Our version. Not dead yet.

The legend and the legacy.
Diversity and defiance.
Has the revolution been handed over to entitled spoilt brats?
This discussion is about dangerous ideas, uncomfortable truths, preserving remembrances.
Are the legacy of human rights being taken for granted while the original 78ers get lip service and apologies?
The filmmaker, Barbarella Karpinski, was escorted out of the 2022 Mardi Gras when the police ejected this 78er out after a disgruntled spectator from the VIP stand reported her for holding an anti-war protest poster. Is this exclusionary attitude a sign of new gen with brattish behaviour, marginalising the marginalised within the community? Have the hard-won gains fought by activists with blood, sweat and tears been eroded by the privileged LGBTIQIA+s?
The original revolutionaries included people who were homeless, gender-diverse sex workers and a motley crew of diverse people who fought back against the police due to corruption, abuse, and violence. We live with the trauma and injuries.
This film and discussion event is about the 78ers legend and legacy and the origins of the Mardi Gras and Stonewall police brutality within a context of lived experience. We are telling our stories.
The film is a reality bite of seventy-eight trademark brand of integrity, authenticity, freedom, diversity, and humour. It is by us and about us.
The event welcomes all diverse communities (gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender diverse, sex worker, transgender, Indigenous, allies and plus) and aims to improve understanding of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Event details

Event details
  • Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Venue : Red Rattler Theatre - Red Rattler
Performance notes
  • Australian Premiere
  • Content warnings: Content Related to Mental Health/Ill-health, Depiction of Sexual Violence, Depictions of Violence, Extreme Violence, Sexual Themes, Some Nudity
  • Things to note: Traumatic content of police brutality and lived experience of mental distress
Venue details & accessibility
Red Rattler Theatre - Red Rattler

6 Faversham St Marrickville

Dates and times

Red Rattler Theatre - Red Rattler

Sunday 19 Feb - 3:00pm
  • director and producer – barbarella karpinski
  • editor – Rolmar Baldonado
Presented by
  • Barbarella Karpinski - Director and producer.